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Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

At the time of this writing, Injustice: Gods Among us adopted patch 1.05, has four DLC characters, and is going to be featured as the 9th game of this year’s EVO tournament. Injustice has is currently enjoying big ol’ piles of hype in the fighting game community. This popularity is due to injustice having some of … Continue reading

Deadpool Review

I am a huge Deadpool fan, I have read all of his old comics and some of the new run. So take this review with that particular grain of salt. For the uninitiated, Deadpool is known as the merc with the mouth, he has the same regenerative ability as Wolverine, he just takes advantage of … Continue reading

The Last of Us Review

Definitely one of the only games to make me feel a sense of loss time and time again, yet still have hope for the future. Starting off from the Prologue all the way until the final scene Joel and his companions encounter terrible loses and even more horrifying events. However, even after the end of … Continue reading

FUSE Demo Impressions

FUSE is releasing May 28th, so I thought I’d check out the demo and see how Insomniac fares with their new sci-fi co-op shooter. They aren’t new to the genre at all, because they’ve combined elements from their previous work on Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. It has the teamwork from Ratchet, the crazy weapons … Continue reading

Super Hexagon Review

Super Hexagon, a fast paced thinking game that connects you and your device mentally and physically. Super Hexagon was developed by Terry Cavanagh and has been released on Steam, Android, iOS, and Blackberry. I recently got this game through the Android Humble Bundle and I can honestly say this is one of the most infuriatingly … Continue reading

Don’t Starve Review

Don’t Starve is a sandbox wilderness survival game “full of science and magic” and is developed by Klei Entertainment. The object of the game is simple in theory; don’t starve. As easy as it sounds it can be extremely difficult trying to survive. You play as Wilson the scientist who was transported to a mysterious world by … Continue reading

Evoland Review

Shiro Games has captured that special feel that sometimes feels lost in video games. The sense of accomplishment, curiosity, and sheer joy in playing a video game. Evoland started out as a game in a competition, Ludum Dare, in which you create a game in 72 hours and they did it in about 30 hours. If … Continue reading

An Indie Developer’s Best Friend

I have touched a little bit on game development and was even part of a small team that was working on a game to be released and the biggest reason for that project’s failure seemed to be the lack of artistry and ability to get good and detailed sprites into the game. This I’m sure … Continue reading

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