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Martian Manhunter DLC Mini-Breakdown

During Evo Ed Boon released a trailer for the next DLC character The Martain Manhunter(MM) aka J’onn Jones. The Martian manhunter has the powers of shapeshifting, telepathy, density control, laser-eyes, and near Superman level strength, making him the most thoroughly overpowered cast member yet. Also announced was the new John Stewart Green Lantern skin complete with a beard … Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

At the time of this writing, Injustice: Gods Among us adopted patch 1.05, has four DLC characters, and is going to be featured as the 9th game of this year’s EVO tournament. Injustice has is currently enjoying big ol’ piles of hype in the fighting game community. This popularity is due to injustice having some of … Continue reading

Deadpool Review

I am a huge Deadpool fan, I have read all of his old comics and some of the new run. So take this review with that particular grain of salt. For the uninitiated, Deadpool is known as the merc with the mouth, he has the same regenerative ability as Wolverine, he just takes advantage of … Continue reading

EA’s 2013 E3 Press Conference

Starting off strong with Peter Moore C.O.O. of EA introduced Plants Vs Zombie: Garden Warfare. PVZ:GW is a new third person shooter announced to come out for Xbox One, and then Xbox 360. The gameplay demo features a wide variety of plant classes to battle the Zombie hordes. Horde mode meets tower defense is the theme … Continue reading

Oculus VR Founding Member Killed by Escaping Gang Members

On Thursday May 30th 2013 in Santa Ana California, an altercation between the police and “two vehicles full of people” escalated into a police involved shooting and a subsequent car chase. While attempting to flee in a Dodge Charger, Victor Sanchez and two other suspects hit two cars resulted in hitting a pedestrian. The pedestrian … Continue reading

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